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Welcome to the new Psycle Sam's Heady Glass Website on Shopify

So after much delay we finally got around to relaunching our website on shopify.  We will be populating our inventory with items to purchase over the upcoming weeks.  

Why the changover?  Well most merchant services like square, paypal, stripe and google wallet do not like Headshops/glass shops.  They incorrectly view the products we sell as drug parafenalia with no evidence to support this claim.  I do not understand why they wouldn't want to make money from shops like ours but they falsely claim it is because of some risk being involved with such products.  When we first opened our doors we were using square.  They eventually banned us for being a headshop so we quickly switched over to paypal to offer our customers a way to charge their credit cards.  This worked great at first and our bigcartel website allowed for paypal processing which was great, so we launched our website.  A few months after this paypal viewed our website and banned us for being a pipe shop (they also held $2000 from us for 180 days with no way of contacting them - this was the highest balance we ever had on paypal, funny they banned us as soon as this balance appeared, greedy B*****ds).  Bigcartel only allows processing through paypal and stripe and other major companies, all of which ban headshops.  We were now stuck with a website with no way to checkout.  Thankfully shopify accepts third party processors like expitrans which is who we now use.  They are friendly with pipe shops and have agreed to never ban us for what we sell.

It looks like we have hopefully found our permanent location on shopify.  Thanks to them and expitrans for being reasonable companies to deal with.  I recommend people not use paypal and instead use more traditional processors.  We have a strong vote with our money as consumers, don't cast a vote in support of paypal and other giant processors.   They try to keep alternative businesses like ours down, simply because the players in their companies haven't figured out how to monopolize our industry.  I am sure the day Walmart starts selling pipes is also the day we will see paypal start accepting glass pipe money.  Money runs our country, cast your monetary votes carefully.

Thanks for all the continued support,